Well Women Health check-up

What is Well Women Health check-up?

Well Women Health check-up package is for working women and consists of sugar screening and other routine important examinations. Working women have a hectic lifestyle along with extended work hours, irrational food habits and more. Get yourself checked with our comprehensive preventive health check-up.

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Why Well Women Health check-up is important?

Every woman should make time for healthy habits — regular exercise, stress management, and choosing the right foods. Scheduling routine health screenings, which can detect potential problems early, is one of those habits. 

Regular screening may even save life. “When you detect a disease early you can prevent and improve quality of life,”

Importance of Well Women Health Check-up:

  • Disease screening
  • Reproduction planning

  • Preventative care

What set of people require this?

Well Women Health check-up can pick up early signs of any kind of disease, which means you will get treatment earlier. A general check-up is recommended for women once a year.

Women ages 30 through 65 should be screened with either a Pap test every 3 years or the HPV test every 5 years.

Well Women Health check-up test include:

  1. Post Prandial Blood Sugar
  2. Fasting blood sugar
  3. Serum Creatinine
  4. Lipid Profile
  5. HBA1C
  6. Complete Blood Picture
  7. TSH
  8. Vitamin D
  9. Kidney function test
  10. Calcium
  11. Vitamin B12
  12. Urine Analysis
  13. Papsmear for Women
  14. USG Abdomen and Pelvis
  15. Mammography or Ultrasoud scan both breast
  16. Digital Chest X-ray
  17. ECG
  18. TMT or 2D ECHO
  19. Consultation with Physician
  20. Consultation with Ophthalmologist

Health observation is compulsory to cope up with emerging risk of the health disorders. This package helps to detect and treat any diseases earlier.

Antenatal Health Package

3500 1999/-
  • CBC
  • Blood Group
  • RBS
  • Thyroid Profile
  • HIV
  • HCV
  • VDRL
  • Urine Routine
  • Doctor Consultation

Infertility Package - Female

5000 2999/-
  • CBC
  • LH
  • FSH
  • Prolactin
  • RBS
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Urine Routine
  • USG Abdomen Pelvis